Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Henley Royal Regatta

Henley is one of my favourite events, there are 3 reasons for this lust: Firstly, I love outdoor events. I also love rowing and those who take part. Lastly, I used to live around Henley and so going back is like creeping back into the past.

This year was no different.

We started with a glass of Pimm's followed by another one...or two. We watched the boats go by and the crowds start rolling in. We were given listings of races and crews, which we spotted from the Leander Club as they set up. It was very atmospheric
M and I saw a very dapper observer, which we had to photograph. He and M go on quite well...

After chatting to this foreign fashionista, we headed to the Stewards' enclosure for some races. 

Now, you are not allowed to take photos in the Steward's Enclosure, but I sneaked one for you. Before I was told to put my camera away by a scary secruity guy...opps.

If you want to see inside...you'll have to come next year! 


  1. mm that Pimms looks yummy, who doesnt LOVE a Pimms?!

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    Phaze x

  2. I've never heard of this, but looks like it was alot of fun! :)

    Heroine In Heels