Sunday, 31 March 2013

How to survive revision.

Spring break, as the Americans call it, is a time for eating too much chocolate (it's Easter, don't judge) and relaxing in the almost warm weather here in the UK.

However, due to the gift of GCSEs we are all given subjects to learn and revise! It's all in the name of a better education therefore better opportunities in life...I know, in English that means getting a JOB. Yawn.

I know this is a painful time, one which many before you and I have not made through. I mean, people can die from too much revision, they didn't put that in the textbook did they, huh?

But don't worry too much, I'm here.

So, it's important to have breaks. REALLY important. (death risk) You can have breaks every 30 mins, 40 mins or every 15 mins if that works best for you.

for example,
History: 9-9:30
Drama: 9:40-10:10
Chemistry: 10:20-10:50

You could spend this break checking Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter or just surfing the web, but it really helps to get your brain working if you do something active...

I have only put 10 minute breaks in the example, but even then, you could take a walk around the garden or even just stand outside to get some fresh air. When you are inside with a book all day, you need fresh air to keep the brain moving and working.

Food is also really important. Obviously, you should know that from Biology...

I know, I'm starting to sound like a GCP textbook but healthy food is a must during revision. You can eat loads of greens, like apples, spinach etc because they contain vitamins and antioxidants that help your brain work.

But, you also need treats. Yes, I mean all those bad things you haven't been allowing yourself to eat. Get the oreos and peanut butter out, the chocolate and marshmallows and yes, bake that cake.

Excerise. It is proven that moving around and getting your heart rate up, helps with absorbing
'academic material'. Don't push yourself to the point where you hurt yourself, but go for gentle run or long walk with the dog.
The last and final bit of advise that will sounds silly to you, clever people. Actually revise. Don't read the book with headphones blasting if the you're singing along to the lyrics instead of reading the book. Take the time you've been given and use it. You'll regret not using it in August when you get those results and you are filled with that nagging feeling: you know you could've done better.
Don't stress too much, stay active, eat properly and get proper sleep. Then in the can really let loose!

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