Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Love. Huh?

According to commerical companies, Valentine's Day is fast approaching us. It is a time to celebrate that special person in your life and dedicate a whole day to your love. Well at least in schools it's about anonymously leaving a note in someone's locker, if you can't face the idea of telling them who you are and why you like/love them. I know, don't you miss the joys of school?

There are many times of love.

There is the type that leaves you with that warm fuzzy feeling, where for some reason, YOU. JUST. CAN'T. STOP. SMILING.

There is the kind you share with your mother.

The kind you share with your father and siblings etc.

The kind you share with friends.

But then there are some kinds that are undefinable. For example, is there such a thing as love at first sight? Can you fall in love with someone you met over the Internet and have never physically met? Is it possible to fall in love with a place because it reminds you of a time or a person or a thing?

Anyway, I think it's time we all remember that I'm 16 and I'm not speaking from experience, but I think the best kind of love is the one that we all dream about when we were young. You know the one I mean. The one where you can be as stupid as you want and they'll love you. You can wear that dress that is a liiittle too small and they'll be proud stand by you.

Love is the only thing that can withstand the time. age and culture. Cool, eh?

I wrote a poem, because, you know, I was in a creative mood:

Love is a chemical reaction.
Love is an illusion of fantasists.
It is a game we play to fill time.
It is the constant epiphany of dreamers.
To me it is water in a starved desert.
To me it is the face left under makeup masks.
To some it is the heat felt in an exotic place.
To some it is Everest to daunting to climb.
To a politician, it is the dream of No.10,
To an artist the pencil to draw with,
To a student the books to study,
To a child the security of a mother's embrace.
It is the gift of pain and suffering,
Vanity and happiness all in one.
And being able to see and feel the difference.
Love is what turns this world.
Or maybe gravity is...

My top 10 romantic songs:


 OK well, after much work, the link to my new favourite song doesn't work...so if you're curious, look up Allison Piccioni 'I'm Not Going Anywhere' on SoundCloud. Enjoy...


  1. This is so cute



  2. I like this post, in fact, I like quite a few of your posts. I like your thought patterns and honesty - don't lose that in this big blogging world. I love that you seem very humble but wise for someone who's young. Keep the musings coming :) xx

    1. P.s. please can I follow you through GFC? I can't find a link? Could you pop one on my blog please? xx

    2. Hi Stacey,

      I don't know how to put the GFC link, but I will post it on the blog soon, would love to have you as a follower!
      Hope you are well.

  3. Very sweet. I like the slight bittersweet tinge to this.

    I hope you a well. Take care. X

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